MA283 Week 3

Welcome to Week 3.

Our topic this week is the development of a systematic method to find all solutions of a system of linear equations. A solution of a system of linear equations is a set of values for the variables that simultaneously satisfies all of the equations in the system. We will encode the system of equations as a matrix, and apply the technique of Gauss-Jordan elimination to simplify the matrix to a form where the solution can be easily read.

In Lecture 5 (Wednesday) we look at how to solve a system of equations using elementary row operations to reduce the augmented matrix to row echelon form.

Here is the pre-recorded version of Lecture 5.

Slides from Lecture 5, annotated and without annotation.

In Lecture 6 (Friday), we will define the reduced row echelon form and the method of Gauss Jordan elimination, and we will look at the different possible outcomes that can arise when solving a system of linear equations.

Here is the recording for Lecture 6.

Slides from Lecture 6, annotated and without annotation.

The relevant section of the lecture notes this week is Section 1.3.