My research interests are generally in the area of algebra, especially linear algebra and its interactions with group theory, combinatorics, and field theory. I have a particular interest in linear and affine spaces of matrices that have special properties relating to rank. I am also interested in the ordinary and projective representation theory of finite groups and in group rings. My PhD thesis, completed in 2000 at the University of Alberta, was concerned with the classification of irreducible projective representations of finite groups over fields, using the group ring of a generic central extension.

I am also interested in mathematics education research at university

I am currently supervising the research of two PhD students at the University of
Galway, Badriah Safarji and Dana Saleh.

My former PhD students are Kirsten Pfeiffer (PhD 2011), James McTigue (PhD 2015), Olga O’Mahony (PhD 2018), Hieu Ha Van (PhD 2019), and Cian O’Brien (PhD 2020).

Selected Publications and Preprints