Groups Week 6 22/23

Week 6: Conjugacy and Conjugacy Classes

Welcome to our activities for Week 6 (the week of October 10). We have another major concept this week, closely related to the centralizer of an element which we discussed last week. This week’s theme is conjugacy.
In this week’s lectures, we will define what it means for two elements in a group to be conjugate to each other, and we’ll see that conjugacy is an equivalence relation that splits the group into disjoint subsets called conjugacy classes.
Slides for this week’s lectures.
Activities for this week:
  1. Lectures and tutorials at the usual times and venues. Section 2.2 is the relevant section of the lecture notes for this week’s lectures.
  2. The due date for the first homework sheet is Friday October 14. Please upload your work on it to the MA3343 Blackboard page.
  3. The second homework sheet will appear later this week.
  4. We will launch the poster project this week, and discuss it in Friday’s lecture. Further updates on that coming soon.
  5. Video versions of this week’s lectures are below.

Accompanying slides for this second one are here.