MA180/186/190: Calculus Semester 2

Welcome to MA180/186/190 Calculus/Analysis, Semester 2 2022-23.

Our lectures will run on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10.00 (except in Week 1 when they will be at 1.00 on Monday and 10.00 on Tuesday), starting in the week of January 9 2023.


30/1/23: The first two homework sheets are open now.

13/2/23: The third homework sheet is open.

6/3/23: The fourth homework sheet is open, with a deadline of March 16.

14/3/23: The fifth homework sheet is open, with a deadline of March 24.

21/3/23: The sixth and final homework sheet is open, with a deadline of March 31.

Course Information

Course codes:MA180 (Science), MA186 (Arts) and MA190 (Computer Science and Information Technology).
Lecturer:Dr Rachel Quinlan
Lectures:Wednesday 10:00–11:00 Anderson Lecture Theatre
Thursday 10:00–11:00 AMB-1022 (Fottrell)
Tutorials/Workshops:Monday 12-1:  AC201: Dr Kirsten Pfeiffer
Wednesday 3-4: AC215: Dr Kirsten Pfeiffer
Thursday 1-2: ENG-2033: Dr Rachel Quinlan
Starting on January 23 (Week 3)
Course Content:Integral calculus, the real numbers, sequences and convergence.
Recommended texts:Calculus by James Stewart (for Chapters 1 and 3 in particular), and the lecture notes.
Course website:Information and course documents will be posted to this site, which is linked from the Blackboard pages for MA180, MA186 and MA190. Blackboard will also be used for announcements and for posting grades.
Assessment:There will be 6 online homeworks on the Okuson system (covering algebra and calculus) during the semester, as well as a 2-hour exam at the end of the semester.

Content week by week

The online content will be organised week by week, with separate links from this page for each week. The content for each week will consist of the following items:

  • a short summary of the week’s content
  • detailed lecture notes, which constitute the “text” for the calculus section
  • (Old) videos of lectures, from the 21/22 academic year, intended only as a backup to in the in-person lectures.
  • Lecture slides (these represent summaries of the lecture notes and do not have all the details).
  • a “weekly problem” (not part of the curriculum, more a distraction for anyone who likes puzzles).
Week 1 Week 2Week 3Week 4
Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
Week 9Week 10Week 11Week 12

Course and Lecture Notes

The course content is divided into three Chapters. Lecture notes for each chapter will be posted here. The lecture notes are the “text” for the course and contain more detailed information and more examples than we will be able to discuss in lectures. Students are expected to study the notes carefully as well as participate in the lectures; neither of these is a substitute for the other. The notes are posted in substantial blocks, one for each chapter, but please do not think that you are expected to read them all together or that you will be hit with this much content every week – the weekly updates will highlight which sections of the lecture notes are relevant for each week. You are welcome to read ahead if you want to of course, but it is not expected.