MA283 Week 4

Welcome to Week 4.

This week, we will conclude our work on Chapter 1, and make a start on Chapter 2. In Wednesday’s lecture, we will have a look at the geometric meaning of matrix multiplication as composition of linear transformations.

We will conclude Chapter 1 in Lectures 7 and 8, by noting some other key concepts of matrix algebra such as inverses and transposing, and by interpreting Gaussian elimination in terms of matrix multiplication.

In the second part of Friday’s lecture, we will move on to Chapter 2, starting with the concept of a spanning set for a vector space.

Slides for Week 4

Backup videos that roughly (but nor exactly) correspond to this week’s lectures are posted below.

The first half of the video below corresponds to Lecture 7

The second video corresponds to the end of Chapter 1, with content from both of our lectures in Week 4.