MA283 Week 2

Welcome to Week 2.

Our first lecture this week will continue with the review of matrix algebra. We will think about different interpretations of the meaning of matrix multiplication, as composition of linear transformations and (sometimes) as encoding particular forms of data. We will also look at three more important concepts in matrix algebra: the identity matrix, the inverse of a square matrix, and the transpose of any matrix.

Here is the pre-recorded version of Lecture 3.

Slides for Lecture 3, annotated and without annotation.

In our second lecture this week, we will commence our study of the solution of systems of linear equations via the method of Gauss-Jordan elimination. This theme will occupy us for Week 3 also.

Here is the pre-recorded version of Lecture 4.

Slides for Lecture 4, annotated and without annotation.

The relevant sections of the lecture notes for this week are Section 1.2 (Review of Matrix Algebra) and the early parts of Section 1.3 (Systems of linear equations). Please remember that the lecture notes form the “official text” for the module, and they have more detail than the slides. You are expected to study them in addition to the lectures.

Our first weekly challenge is now open in Blackboard.